IT Can Always Be Done BETTER

  • IT Can Always Be Done BETTER

    Every time I hear someone say there are no good real estate deals, or no opportunities left, or lack of financing, or they missed the buying opportunity, or blah blah blah, I want to bang my head against the wall! Don’t listen to the naysayers who say “It will never work, it’s already being done…Why […]

  • Forced Appreciation in Mobile Home Parks

    Investing is always either cash flow, appreciation, or both. Throw in tax breaks and tax consequences in both strategies, and you have real estate investing broken down to it’s simplest form. All of an investor’s projections, future returns, work involved, rehab time, turn-around time, management exposure, closing dates, financing options, etc., play directly off of […]

  • How to Rent or Sell Mobile Homes….

      One thing we must do to keep our mobile home parks full and operating on a high level, is to fill park owned homes quickly, and with the best possible tenants, as soon as they become vacant. So here is what we do.   Stay Ahead of the Vacancy! If things are not going […]

  • Mobile Home Park Rent Management Software!

    As you begin to grow your mobile home park portfolio, you will start to look for ways to streamline your processes. The very best way to streamline your accounting, records, schedules, tenants, vendors, employees, parks, and time is with a great rent management software. Enter: Rent Honcho is almost like it is geared towards […]

  • 5 Great Reasons for Month to Month Leases

    5 Reasons to Use Month to Month leases in your mobile home park.   Rent Increases- With a month to month lease, you have much more control over the frequency of your rent increases in your park. You are not tied into a rent amount for the standard 1 year term. Most states require 60 […]


    Should you implement Section 8 Rentals? That is the question. Let’s focus on some good things, and not so good things about Section 8.   Advantages Checks on Time- With Section 8, it is impossible to beat the checks rolling in every month like clock work. By far the best advantage of Section 8. Tenants […]